What We Do

Equality and diversity in the built environment sector has long been a topic for discussion. Indeed, many public bodies see the industry as a high risk area for discrimination occurrence.

The Equality Act 2010 and its accompanying, statutory codes of practice are prompting forward thinking organisations to re-evaluate their position on equality and diversity.

You need to be aware of the business impact of the Act and understand how it will influence you as an employers and provider of goods, works and facilities.

Taking action to reduce your risks and improve your prospects of future work is easy.

We will help you to take positive action to improve your reputation as an employer and service provider and minimise your risks. Through the Be Fair assessment and accreditation process we’ll also help you prove your commitment and credentials to prospective and potential clients – particularly those from the public sector.

Our equality and diversity services include:

  • Equality Review: where you are now, where do you need to be and what do you need to do to get there?
  • Policies and Procedures Diagnosis – ensure your policies and procedures are complete and align with the legislation and best practice.
  • Equality and Diversity for Directors and Senior Managers – ensure your Senior Management Team is fully conversant with its duties and obligations.
  • Certificated training for your Be Fair champion.
  • The ED Thing – online training for site operatives that may attract CITB support.
  • Be Fair – created by the industry for the industry – , a nationally recognised award assessed by SEE Things and accredited by CITB